about-keeiraKeeira Lyn Ford has all the ingredients of a star ready to be named in our universe.
Music flows through her veins; a part of her DNA makeup.
Her exotic, yet pure, looks scream marketability.
She has a laundry list of television and musical successes.

Her voice is stunning and strong.

And, maybe above all, she has a desire to make it big.

Put all those together and you have a recipe for great things.

Keeira, a San Dimas, Calif., native has been part of the music scene since an early age. Her dad plays saxophone for Little Richard’s band and has exposed the 24-year-old to many rich, cultural sounds. But the taste she was given at a young age has grown to a voracious hunger to do what she loves and does amazingly well – make music and act.
Keeira advanced far enough to audition in front of American Idol’s big three – Simon, Paula and Randy – only to be told that her looks and sound didn’t quite match up.

“I sang a country song and they didn’t put me through because they said I didn’t look like a country singer,” Keeira jokes. “I was hurt, but I turned it into a positive by writing a song about my experience.”

But it’s not the first time someone has tried to persuade this fresh-look country singer into another genre. For a short time she was managed by Michael Jackson’s dad, Joe Jackson. He, however, wanted her to sing pop and they soon parted ways.
It’s yet another characteristic of this soon-to-be star that will have record labels and agents rushing to sign her up for that “big deal.”

Keeira’s most recent success came as a competitor on CMT’s “Can You Duet,” being paired with Matt Boggs and advancing to the final six duos.

She has also teamed with stars such as Garth Brooks and Vince Gill. Vince asked her to sing with him on a recent tour, playing the guitar for her as she sang Patty Loveless’ “Blame it on Your Heart.” They followed that up by singing a duet.
On the acting front, Keeira has been in front of the camera often and since an early age, appearing in commercials and several television shows including “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” “Living Single,” and “My Wife and Kids.”
Nothing, however, could’ve been a better future indicator than a young Keeira starring with Garth Brooks in a McDonald’s commercial – music and acting are just a natural for her.
She credits all those opportunities as giving her experience for her onstage performance and dealing with big-time opportunities.
The opportunities continue to present themselves to Ford and she continues to move toward her goal of country stardom, refusing to stray from her committed path. With her stunning looks, her authoritative voice and demeanor and a determination that has kept her moving forward, those opportunities will surely become – like her – bigger and better.