Keeira Lyn Ford on American Idol


Keeira Lyn Ford appeared on American Idol

Persistence is the key when it comes to a number one television show like American Idol.

After trying out several times, Keeira Lyn Ford finally made it past the numerous preliminary auditions and was featured on the show in Season Ten. “It really is such a longer process than America realizes. There are a lot of steps to be taken before getting on a show like that. After Simon shut me down one year I took it as personal challenge to keep trying out until I made it. Then I did!” Although Keeira was highly praised in her audition, gaining three yes’s and  made it through Hollywood Week with flying colors, she was eliminated at Top 50.

“I knew I was going to get cut that day. I changed everything I did to a country song and I don’t think Randy Jackson was too fond of that. Plus, I was nervous! It’s difficult learning songs I had never heard before in under 12 hours and then singing them for people like Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.” After Idol, Keeira was approached by many radio shows like  country music station KNIX  and morning shows such as FOX 10 Morning Show Phoenix where she was aired live with the news cast in an exclusive interview. “I wasn’t meant to win American Idol, I was meant to learn from it and grow as an artist. And to prove Simon wrong. Mission Accomplished!” -Keeira Lyn Ford